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Last updated 10:25 AM on 8 October 2011

On Tuesday the 3rd of August 2010, four brave stage 3 teachers and 81 students ventured out on a 4 day camp to Lake Burrendong Sport and Recreation Centre as part of their unit on Traditions and Heritages. Their first stop along the way was Hill End at History Hill. The students were able to walk through the museum housing authentic mining tools and memorabilia from the Gold Rush era. This was followed by a walk and climb through an old abandoned gold mine. The students were also given the opportunity to pan for gold in a nearby creek bed. Some students were fortunate enough to find gold specks and keep them!

During their time at camp students and teachers participated in a variety of fun activities such as grass skiing, BMX bike riding, archery, boomerang throwing, rock climbing, medium ropes course and participated in making traditional Australian damper. All participants had a fantastic time at camp. Here is a few quotes from the student's and teacher themselves:


"Like some of the student in stage 3, this was my first camp also. I wasn't sure of what to expect. I was, however pleasantly surprised with the experience. It was a great opportunity to get to know my students as well as those that I don't normally teach. I have, as a result of this, developed stronger relationships. We all thoroughly enjoyed the activities, some of which we have never tried before. The teachers and students' have taken away many memorable experiences. Who said camp is just for kids!" Miss Yasemin Huseyin


"Camp is one of those once in a life time experiences not only for the students, but the teachers as well. We got to form those personal relationships we sometimes wouldn't in the classroom. The students get to step out of their comfort zones and experience a different environment, one of which they're not use to. We as teachers get to relax and enjoy the student's company with out the added pressures of having to get everything done. 2010 stage 3 camp was fantastic! The group of 80 students we took away were amazing kids; some of whom conquered their fears, tried things they normally wouldn't and most importantly had fun". Miss Melinda Zielonka


" Stage 3 camp to Lake Burrendong was a huge success. Students were able to face challenges suc as rock climbing, BMX and ropes courses and they overcame them. They also had the opportunity to investigate mines and learn the history of the Australian Gold Rush". Mr Daniel Gough


" I had fun at camp because of all the activities that we did. I especially liked rock climbing. My friends and I had fun in the cabins". Cyndel Catuogno 5H


"On the first day we went gold panning. We were lucky enough to find specks of gold. We also went to History Hill where we saw gold machines. We got to go underground where we witnessed what the miners went through. We had so much fun and didn't want to go back home." Caitlin Pace 6G


" On the 3rd of August 2010 stage 3 went on a 4 day camp to Lake Burrendong. This place was a sports and recreation centre. On the last 3 days we went rock climbing, hight ropes, grass skiing, BMX riding and we had free time. My friends and I enjoyed the experience. It was a one time trip!" Nikodin Kosic 6B


"Camp was a great experience. Lake Burrendong was a great place to go and stay. I learnt how to throw a boomerang, rock climb and grass ski. Camp completed the experience of being a gold miner during the Gold Rush. I sure Miss stage 3 camp." Andrew Gonzales 5/6Z


" Camp opened up a chance for me to experience many new things. It gave me confidence and was great fun. Even though it was a long way away, it was all worth it when we got tp Lake Burrendong." Simon Reardon 5/6Z