Our school

Relieving Principal: Mrs Linda Shearer


Bell times:

Student supervision starts: 8.25am

Morning session: 8.50am - 10.50am

Eating time: 10.50am - 11.00am

Lunch: 11.00am - 11.40am

Middle session: 11.40am - 1.35pm

Eating time: 1.35pm - 1.40pm

Recess: 1.40pm - 2.00pm

Afternoon session: 2.00pm - 2.55pm

Smiling child at bookparade


With growth in student enrolments and additional staff appointments continuing over the next few years the major challenge for our school community will be to maintain and enhance quality educational outcomes for all students in the areas of literacy, numeracy, social skills, and technology. Following community consultation our aim is to promote a school environment where all people are encouraged to: value life-long learning; take responsibility for their own behaviour; think and be problem solvers; get along with each other; communicate effectively and thoughtfully; feel good about themselves; celebrate effort, progress and excellence.